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Our online marketing team can significantly grow your solar business this month
You need to make people in your area aware of you and have them choose you over your competition. This can be done via online marketing.

In recent years the amount that people rely on the internet to do shopping has skyrocketed. 

Surveys now show a majority of shoppers purchase online at least once a month. 

People are conditioned to buy online and if you’re not making online marketing a priority, you’re missing out on sales.

We can track every person who visits your site but doesn't contact you and show them ads to entice them to call...

Marketing to people who already know your company is much more cost effective. 

Don’t let the visitors, who come to you once, disappear and forget about their interest in your company. Visitors take time to purchase, often needing to visit a website more than once in order to buy. We bring them back when they’re ready to make a purchase.

But that's not all. This is just one of many powerful methods we use that most of your competitors aren't even aware of.

Ready to gain the competitive advantage?

Use marketing techniques that most of your competitors are not.

We recommend to you our 'Starter Package'

because it will give you fast results

The 'Starter Package' includes....

We set up ads on Google and drive instant targeted traffic to your website. 

When people search for any relevant keyword phrases, such as, ‘solar panel installers near me‘ your business will come up at the top of the search results.

This process takes very little time and gives results almost immediately. It does get slightly better over the months and does require monthly maintenance. 

Approximately only 5% of people who visit your site will contact you. 

We setup cookies to track the 95% of the window shoppers and get them back to your website. 

This will significantly increase enquiries and is something you need to be doing right now.

Using custom audience features in Facebook we can target the types of people who buy solar panels.

This will significantly increase enquiries and is something you need to be doing right now.

Is your website optimised for conversions? Have you had an expert run A/B tests on your webpages to see which text copy, images and design get the most people to call you?

If not then you’re going to want some of our optimised landing pages. The main reason is that using optimised landing pages increases conversions which means more customer enquiries.

With all the new visitors who will be coming to your website, many of them will want to ask questions. Will you be available 24/7 to answer them? Can you respond to every message within seconds? We’re guessing its impossible. That’s why we’ll setup an artificial intelligence chat bot who can answer your customers questions immediately. 

We continually improve your chat bot using, not only the data we collect from your customers, but from solar panel installers all over the world. This means you will have the most advanced A.I. chat bot on the topic of solar panels in the world. 

You’re essentially getting a 24/7 sales person that doesn’t need to take breaks and doesn’t need to get paid a salary. 

Each month we work tirelessly to provide you more and more value. We improve all your ads and landing pages by creating multiple variants and testing to see which variants create more sales. We then keep the best performing variants and which will result in even higher value for you.

Each month we provide you with reports to show exactly how your investment is working for you. We also can schedule a monthly call to go over the key performance indicators so you can see exactly what your money is getting you.
This 'Starter Package' is going to make a significant difference to the amount of enquiries you get.

Who Does This Work Best For?

We want you to be #1

My team and I, want you to be number one in your area. We want you to destroy your competition in every ethical way possible. Business is business and if you have us on your side, we’ll fight for you tooth and nail. 

We know solar is the future and that’s why we’re investing in it. We love solar and obviously you do too. We want you to be successful. In fact we have a moral obligation to make you highly successful


What are the key benefits of digital marketing?

With digital marketing it's possible and likely to grow your business to the level that is life changing.
What's the real cost?

The real cost of online marketing is not one thousand or two thousand dollars a month. The real cost is the business that you will lose, by not doing this. The real cost is working harder and longer hours, not enjoying as much time away from work and with your family.

Don't let your competitors take this opportunity...

You have a local market place, within driving range of your engineers, and we can only service one Solar Panel Installation business in your area.

Our agency has the power to make one business overtake the competitors in the terms of exposure to the customers in your local market.

People will see one Solar Panel Installation business via their online searches and social media usage over and over. That one business will be front of mind, all the time, to almost everyone in your area searching for a Solar Panel Installation company.

Who am I to be telling you all this?
Simon Quinn

My name is Simon Quinn and in 1999 I created a part-time web design business.

In 2008 after the global recession, I took up web design and online marketing full-time. I got heavily into SEO, as well as affiliate marketing, and eCommerce. 

In 2019 I decided I needed to do something for the planet and the human race while also using my skills in marketing to provide for my family. What could satisfy both things?…

Marketing for the Solar industry, specifically Solar Panel Installers. I want to help your solar business as you help the world to transition to sustainable energy. Let’s work together for a better life and a better world! 

Exclusive Limited Offer

You will get two thousand dollars worth of marketing for only five hundred dollars. That five hundred dollars is just for the paid per click advertising on Facebook and Google. We can’t avoid those fees. All the man hours will be zero charge.

The first three businesses who join before June 30th get a massive discount on the first month.  Then, we close the doors and the price goes up.



Sounds too good to be true?

What’s the catch you’re thinking? How can we afford to do this? Why would we do this? Can it really be $2,000 worth of marketing for only $500.

The answer is yes, really you will get $2,000 worth of marketing for just $500. 

The reason why we’re doing this special offer is to get your testimonial on our website. You see we have done online marketing for for many other industries, but we’ve decided we want to focus on Solar so we need your Solar Panel Installer testimonials.

This special offer closes in...

Or whenever three places are filled, whichever comes first.

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